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Patent achievement:
In the past three years, the company included in the national 3 new products, the implementation of the national Torch Program 2, listed in Ningbo City, new product plan 30 municipal, provincial science and technology progress award 2, science and technology progress award 2, the county science and Technology Progress Award 9. 35 patents were declared, of which 15 were patents, 32 were authorized patents, among them 13 patents were invented; at present, the company had 85 valid patents, of which 23 were patents.
Main research achievements in recent years:
1, 1E class medium voltage switchgear, low voltage switchgear and transformers;
2, American wind power, photovoltaic substation and European compact type wind power and photovoltaic substation;
3. Dedicated tower type six sulfur fluoride switch equipment for wind farm;
4 、 126KV prefabricated mobile mobile substation for disaster relief and special emergency needs;
5, 20kV power grid transformation supporting series of products;
6, 126kV, 252kV six sulfur fluoride combination electrical apparatus (GIS);
7 and 252kV tank type six sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker;
8 、 amorphous alloy transformer;
9 、 intelligent transformer;
10 、 SF6 gas insulated transformer;
11, 252kV transformer;
12, city rail traffic special type HXGT10-40.5 SF6 gas insulatedswitchboard (C-GIS);
13 、 intelligent low voltage switch cabinet;
14 、 substation integrated automation system;
15 、 TA-PD1000 intelligent distribution automation system;
16, TA1000 power plant special electric automation monitoring system;
17, TA, APF active filter;
18, TA, SVG static synchronous compensator;
19 、 permanent magnet composite motor.